• Great! Now you just have to figure out a way to change those points into free candy. lol
    • Linda Joy
      Ha! What points?
    • 1465
      Free candy???
    • Linda Joy
      free trolls!
  • Really not much. But on yahoo answers prior to this, I had over 125,000 answers.
  • I haven't looked, but I don't think I'm anywhere near that - I don't have an opinion on everything. 😆
    • 1465
      EDIT: I checked my profile. I have just over a thousand answers. I'm becoming quite the blabbermouth. (LOL)
  • 2,000, although I should have over 6,000 answers. In 2017, 2018 and a few months later at the start of 2019, my Answerbag account was linked with some Mike account. I was still able to ask and answer questions, but my posts did not reflect in this Answerbag account I am using. They were reflecting and building up in the Mike account. I got ahold of Ice man. He was able to help me by contacting the Answerbag administration in August of 2017: By spring in 2019, the Answerbag administration finally fixed my account.
  • guessing 3000
    • Linda Joy
      2887. Its on your profile.
  • At the last look, 270.
    • Linda Joy
      and now...271!

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