• I have several things made elsewhere. I have an alarm clock made in Serbia, I have a crucifix made in France, I have a shotgun made in Spain. I have several other firearms made in the US. I have a rifle made in Russia. I have dishes made in Japan. I have a German and a Swedish chainsaw. All of my mechanic tools are made in the US. Probably other stuff too.
  • Me, made in England.
  • i have some lovely china men ornament's ..probably made in china
  • I have many things not made in China , my oven was made in France , I try to avoid buying things made in China .
  • Most everything. I'm particular about source. Especially, though, all of my tools and major appliances are NOT made in China (as far as I know, and I do usually check before purchasing). *** That being said: apparently literally ALL toaster ovens are made in China. ALL brands (including brands like Breville - Australian company and top-rated brand - and Black and Decker - US company). So: WHEN I get a toaster oven, it likely will be Chinese.
  • Southeast Asia is where it's at now. Chinese workers are demanding too many rights, like gloves for hotwork or being allowed to go home to their families in between shifts. In places like Indonesia, they can still chain an 8 year old to a workbench and make products that are still profitable to sell at Dollar Universe or whatever.

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