• Possibly on the east or west coast, but not likely in the gulf.
  • Don't watch the news they are all damn liars! Jan.07.2022 On a side note that biden stole the election so much fraud what a shame we cannot have a fair election anymore!
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  • "Tsunami" is a term used west of the International Dateline to refer to what we, on the east side of the dateline, call a "hurricane". It is a weather phenomenon when used in that context. The context you're referring to is political, which basically means a large number of defectors as in Democrat (blue) or GOP (red). The normal usage, in this case, would be a "red tsunami" or a "blue tsunami" as you indicated. Looking at the political landscape, there's a high probability that GOP support will increase dramatically in the Conservative states after feeling the effects of the Biden administration.
      I think you're confusing "tsunami" with "cyclone". "Cyclone" is used to refer to what we call a "hurricane". "Tsumani" is used to refer to what we call a "tidal wave".
  • I suppose your question refers to a literal tsunami and not a "political tsunami". SOME of the coastal Southern States could, conceivably, be hit by a literal tsunami, but the shape of the Gulf of Mexico protects several Southern states bordering it from most directions from which a tsunami might originate. (East Coast Southern states would be the exception, the coastal Southern states not protected by the Gulf) *** Of course, the "contributor" you mention was predicting a POLITICAL (and metaphorical) "tsunami" in which the number of Republican Congresspeople increases to an overwhelming majority. *** I doubt an overwhelming majority, but it IS pretty typical during the term of an unpopular President that the mid-term elections result in a shift in Congress to the dominance of the non-Presidential party. This is especially true when the unpopular President's party has a very slim majority in both houses of Congress. *** Currently the Republicans have a very slight dominance in the Senate (though some argue the opposite). One additional Republican Senator would give them a more clear, more unquestionable dominance. *** Currently the Republicans are in the minority in the House such that they would need five new Republican Representatives to gain the majority (and, as a result, the important posts of Speaker of the House and the other head officers and chairs of the House). *** At this moment (not being able to predict Biden's popularity at election time, ASSUMING that it will be about the same then as it is now)...(pause) BASED ON THAT ASSUMPTION we can reasonably predict that the Republicans will take control of both Houses after the mid-term elections.
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