• I resolved to never make a New Year's resolution. *** It didn't go so well...
  • I want to make all my friends gain 10 lbs so I will look thinner next to them.😄
    • Linda Joy
      "Time to make the donuts!"
  • nope i dont make them
  • I was sick over the Christmas/New Year holiday. My self-diagnosis was that I was suffering from sinus drainage since I do that every other year or so about that time. I just looked up the symptoms I was experiencing and saw that I had 8 of the 10 most common COVID symptoms - so maybe I had COVID. Either way, I was never vaccinated for it and I got through it on my own. I should have natural immunity now. Anyway, I didn't make any kind of New Year resolution - but had I thought about it, I would have just made one where I made it through whatever I was going through. To update, I'm glad to report that I kept that resolution. 😎

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