• It is the dissolution of a shared life that didn't work out, for whatever reason. It is painful, and emotional and angry and sad all at once. It is devastating for kids to go thru. It can leave you financially ruined too, in the property division. Sometimes, the angry feelings smoulder for years before they are just somebody you used to know.
  • A spouse is more than a best friend and partner. Maybe not hate in some instances, but indifferent or no love.
  • I once heard divorce is like the tearing apart something leaving the rough edges dangling. Those rough edges are like nerve endings, raw and sensitive to the touch, with everyone causing severe pain. This is why it is recommended for every 5 years of marriage a person should wait 1 year before becoming involved in another relationship.
  • Re-leaving I got a cheating stealing whore out of my house it cost me $150K. Not a bad little earner for her was it I owned the place when I meet her she never done a days work in the 6 years I rooted it, I brought her 2 cars.
    • 11stevo73
      Why does that concern you Bob Jones?
  • never had one..but one party is always broken hearted id imagine, unless both agree to part .it always HURTS the kids when their parents split

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