• Well...yes. Now: if a person acted in such a way that they DIED - and KNEW that they would die - in acting to save another person, then that is not suicide. But --if the person killed himself or herself-- then that is suicide. *** Too fine a line? Consider. the following example: Will and Jill's house is broken into by Bill the burglar. They hear something and turn on the lights. Bill has a pistol. Bill points the gun at Jill and says to Will, "If you kill yourself, I'll let Jill go. If you don't, I'll kill her." *** Option A (suicide) - Will kills himself (by whatever means are handy). Option B (not suicide) - Will leaps in front of Jill, protecting her with his own body, and is killed when Bill fires at Jill.
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  • Yes it would still be suicide, which is to take your own life.
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