• His exoneration by the jury affirming his self-defense actions have made him a target for lefty hatred across the nation. Visiting former potus Trump will only amplify that. IMHO.
  • not guilty. Was he suposed to let the rioters murder him and destroy the car dealer ship? I like the Young Man there should be more like him.
    • mushroom
      Self-defense is self-defense but he did not have the discipline for the situation in which he placed himself. Had he shot someone vandalizing the property, it would have clearly been murder.
    • mugwort
      Kyle Rittenhouse was too young to be there. His mother should be condemned for giving someone underaged , assault weapon. I believe assault weapons should be banned for everyone, except persons serving in the US Military.
    • 11stevo73
      You two are cowards go and hide behind your moms skirt. If I was smashing your house and your place of business would you do nothing? Pathetic the both of you.
  • It sounds like you're trying to make a connection between Kyle Rittenhouse and Donald Trump and what happened in the 2020 riots. You're looking to find a reason to keep Trump from running again in 2024. But like the rest of your Libtard membership, success just ain't in the cards. Framing innocent people may be a pleasurable pastime for you losers, but when you're trying to frame Trump, you're not dealing with the average "Joe". Trump has had this shit thrown at him for the past 7 years - and by more intelligent (ahem!) minds than yours. Give it up - Trump is the "Teflon President" because he's done nothing wrong.

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