• You should join there is no censorship on there
  • I've posted links. And links to pictures. But if you don't like AB you should go somewhere else!
  • I haven't seen anything in the way of censorship - and if anyone knows about censorship, it's me. It stands to reason that a person who isn't satisfied with the way things are handled has a reason - like they have gotten nailed for crossing the line. My advice is to be civil and respectful of others. And don't badmouth the site - moderators don't like it and neither does anyone else.
  • Well...obviously because it's not programmed to allow such. I can think of several POSSIBLE reasons for not allowing such, the most obvious being: by not allowing such they don't have to police the site for illegal or scandalous (read: controversial, likely to cause boycotts and the like) images or links to illegal or scandalous web sites. In other words: ***because it makes it much cheaper to operate the web site***.
  • SPAM!
    • mugwort
      That is what profile is for. Its the place to include your sales links.
  • We can post links, but not pictures or embedded videos. It does seem like Answerbag is censored.

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