• They shut this site down at one point. When it came back into being it was without moderation and without the things that made it usable. They recycle 10 year old questions without even changing the dates. That is probably when the posting pix was lost.
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      Yeah, that sucks dude. I've noticed the 10 year old questions a lot lately. I don't think it would be that hard of a change to have dates on these questions. Would make it a lot more user friendly I think.
  • not sure why, didnt know you couldnt
  • Actually, Mircat is only half right. I don't know where she gets her info from, probably one of the other sites that whine & bitch about us a lot. This new site is not the old site brought back & restarted. It has been built brand new from scratch, and from the ground up, without all the resources that Demand Media (previous owners) had at their finger tips. The one exception being - access to the old questions archive. Hence no bells & whistles that we had on the old site. The new site was started as a work in progress and it took a lot of time and programming to get it up to where the site is now. Progress has been slow and frustrating. I have to think that financing has something to do with it and someone took one hell of a gamble on it. The site was moderated up until about Christmas (2017) at which time we were supposed to see new progress on site development (some of our old bells and whistles, pics & video included), starting after the holidays. We've seen nothing since then. The old questions were date stamped originally, but the date stamps were removed from the archives. Fortunately the view numbers haven't changed and remain in sequence. So by following the number sequence we can at least know roughly how old the Q's are. Many of our members from yesteryear have come back for a very brief visit and left again. Most of which were dissatisfied with the lack of features they were use to on the old site. The list of missing features is a long one, and don't worry .. the new admin has been made well aware. I view the biggest problem being that we have very few people sticking around and posting questions, but no shortage of people who would rather bitch instead of asking questions. If ever we can get enough people asking questions, to fill the pages like we use to .. maybe they won't need the old stuff anymore.
  • That is why I posted a question about using pictures. Then I got plenty of people replying who did not understand but I still love them all.
  • maybe people were posting inappropriate pictures so they decided to take them out

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