• .just get vaccinated so you can stop stressing ... billions have been vaccinated and survived just need to act real healthy safe always ....
    • Charin Cross
      roll over and play dead. or be dead depending on your physiological makeup. the vaccine kills some people. call me when you grow a pair!
    • 11stevo73
      Pamela ba ba ba black sheep. Will you regret your choice in 2023?
  • I've had enough of dictators trying to force us to get vaccinated. You have no idea what happened in the Tuskegee syphilis experiment do you
    • Charin Cross
      too right! I've done my homework about this man made vaccine and the virus itself, and I've decided to rely on my own natural immunity after surviving the virus.
  • Tar, feathers, and a cloth mask stuck to their forehead.
    • pipey
      Why are conservatives so filled with hate? Why do they think violence is the solution to every problem?
  • Is this another call for civil war and mass murder of Democrats?
  • Fire them or vote them out

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