• I disagree with both assertions. Living together doesn't obligate you to financially merge and become responsible for the other's debts! It also has religious implications I won't elaborate on here because what's the point, right? And personally I didn't have a lot of happiness in my marriages. As for back in the day it was a legal transfer of property. 😒
  • There are legal and financial advantages to marriages, and for many people, making an official, formal, commitment is meaningful. If that matters to a couple, who are you to complain? It's not really your business, is it?
  • Financial benefits
    • Linda Joy
      And financial detriments. Look honey I bought a car, now you figure out how to pay for it!
  • there is a legal component with being married that isn't there if you're just living together. If one of the people gets hurt, if they're married the spouse can act as a substitute for decisions, whereas that legal responsibility doesn't exist for people living together.
    • Linda Joy
      In some cases they can't even visit them in the hospital.
  • There are still a few advantages to being married.
  • Let's all forget the moral aspect. Most people today don't believe in the concept of "living in sin" - or so it seems. And besides, "morals" are out of fashion anyway. Let's all do the right thing by doing the wrong thing. Aren't we subject to a majority ruling?
    • Hulk70156
      Including the one that says we should be polite to one another, right?
    • 1465
      That's PC - PC is wrong from every angle.
  • Marriage, is also a contract which provides you and your spouse protections. Should something (unfortunately) happen to one of you, it prevents the deceased family from coming in and claiming property. Real estate, money, personal items, etc.
    • 1465
      And as we move farther and farther away from a moral society, the contract is more easily broken.
  • here in Australia living together is the same rights as if you are married ...... some people love God and or want a nice church wedding with all the bells and whistles..i was married in a church

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