• Yes, I know all about it. And while I'm not perfect at it, I try to be as meticulous as I can when using it.
  • No. I make mistakes because English is my second language
  • I know a fair amount about that. I'm no expert.
  • Know about it, endured waaaaay too many crappy English classes year after year, in equally crappy public school...and don't give a crap about it. No, I don't care what the difference is between a past participle or reverse pronoun or possessive adjective....GASP!!!! Never did. DOUBLE GASP!!!! Does that make me a baaaaad person? Don't care about that either. Either you can speak, read and write English good enough for a normal person (i.e. not an English teacher or pathetic wannabe English teacher) to understand, or not. Simple as that.
  • if you want to know about it, read books. they are edited by people who use "proper" English. and read British authors. it's their language.
  • Sure. They taught it to us in school.
  • Yes, I'm a well-known stickler for it.

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