• Not the government. But I know Chinese individuals that are trustworthy.
  • Do I trust all Chinese people? No. Do I consider all Chinese people to be untrustworthy? No.
  • Far too general a question. Do you know how many Chinese people there are?
    • 11stevo73
      yes everyone I've come across so far is a liar.
  • Yes and, I don't know why people are being racist toward Asians now!
    • Linda Joy
      China virus ring any bells? Covering up where it came from ring any bells? Lying about the effectiveness of masks in the beginning ring any bells? You know the WHO is a puppet of the Chinese government, right? But this is about the government, not the people! They also said it wasn't weaponized by their lab, and now everyone knows it was!!
  • dont trust the government there at the moment
  • Generalizations are not good for the tag line. Are you specifically indicating the "Chinese Government" on a specific subject?
  • I am sometimes extremely suspicious of what is in my chow Mein.
  • I judge all people by their behaviour, are there Chinese people I would trust? Yes. Do I trust the Chinese government? No. Do I trust my own government? No.

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