• The only way to do it is to work more than 1 job, and to live very frugally.
  • they must be scamming the system's social programs.
  • I earned minimum wage when I first started to work. I lived in an apartment and shared expenses with a roommate. Some people who earn minimum wage may have one or more roommates.
  • what a country America is? Wonder why there are so many homeless people.
    • Coco Rose
      are you in the US or where are you? how is different there?
    • 11stevo73
      Australia, were 20 years behind the usa, 20 years ago those in the us scraped by on minimum wage now it appears minamin wage wont put a roof over a persons head and feed them. Hence why the people are jacking up they have nothing to lose. dont get me wrong Im not trying to be smart it will probably happen here too.
  • Live with other wage earners often in apartments, though also often in low-cost homes often with gov. assistance
  • They often live with their families, including more than one working adult, or roommates; they work more than one job; they may qualify for food stamps or other forms of government assistance, like public housing.
  • I've known very many people and have been working 2 or 3 jobs just to make the rent. Our apartments were rarely slept in by us, and almost always, the idiot roommate one has to get screws it up for us if not everybody.
  • They cannot live a decent life unless they have someone else making money and living with relatives rent free.
  • Live with more than one person making minimum wage and split expenses.
  • Most likely they live on section 8.😎
  • Funny how you ask this question, and pretend you aren't making minimum wage yourself (if you work at all).
  • They struggle every day. Even $15 an hour won't help very much.

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