• I come here to help people by giving them the benefit of my life experience. life is full of pitfalls so I like to help people avoid them. whether they take advantage of my perspective, is up to them. they seemed to appreciate it on YA! someone actually thanked me before YA! closed and after 15 years, it was a really nice sendoff. (you sound threatened by differing opinions).
    • Linda Joy
      Not at all. I like helping others as well. And I've had more than my share of online bickering. But its the people I've helped that keep me coming back.
  • I just like answering questions (that is: the ones I know the answer to).
  • I view this the same as Mewe, Ruqqus, Saidit, or other social media. Kinda like a online 'Dear Abby'....just call me Abby!
    • Linda Joy
      ABBY stands for Any Body But You!
    • Franco333
      Nice guess, but wrongo! Abby stood for Abigail Van Buren, the pen name of Pauline Phillips who created the advice column, and who died in 2013. I have claimed successorship, and will carry on the advising biz, although with more panashe and less wimpy sugercoating.
  • just a withdrawal from answers lol
  • I'm just here to exclaim "BOOBIES!!!" .
    • Linda Joy
      LOL how old are you?
  • I like to help.

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