• nope not at all, i dont like conflict anywhere not even in text
    • Linda Joy
      Good to hear it! I was thinking we'd been overrun by people who think their beliefs are the only right ones. Maybe I can hang in here a little longer if there are people like you joining us as well.
  • I come to offer a differing (conservative) opinion. that's what FREE speech is about. verbal fisticuffs are better than physical fisticuffs. it's what civilized people do in Congress, in the UN, Parliament, in court, etc. and I DO like to do it on Answerbag. And BTW, your question has a confrontational tone. BRING IT!!
    • Linda Joy
      Actually I was just getting a feel for who the newcomers are. Was it Twain, Wilde or Churchill that first said "Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed [person]"? And if I have a "differing opinion" of your post it would have to be your examples of "civilized people".

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