• The original with 7 or 8 cast members was better than the present 20 cast members.
  • Nostalgia, mostly... Sadly, the same is true with virtually all sketch comedy with roots going way back. While the Monty Python movies still hold up pretty well, not the Flying Circus so much. I mean seriously, try watching an actual episode and not a collection of their best skits.
    • mushroom
      It's not fair to compare a weekly series with budget and time constraints to a complete film. For example, Marx Bros. film gags worked so well because they perfected those sketches on stage. I'd been to SNL dress rehearsals back in the day, then watched the live performance on TV to spot the ways they tried to make it work better. There was very little difference, but films do not have to make do with just a single take unless it's some sort of Cinema Verite, which itself includes editing. Certainly, reality TV is far from reality.
  • I liked Mad TV better. I guess SNL just has sufficient die-hard fans that it continues. Since it no longer has any late-night competition, it'll keep running until all of those late-night comedy fans die off...

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