• It seems the suspense.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I do suppose it was a new concept at the time to simply leave suspense unresolved.
  • What made it good: 1) It was well put-together 2) It had solid stars 3) It was suspenseful and scary 4) it took ordinary everyday creatures like birds and made monsters out of them. Prior to this, monster movies were guys in rubber creature suits. This movie however appealed to the mature viewer, not the teenage audience - although they liked the movie too.
  • In its day, it was a thriller. Somewhat like The War of the Worlds was in its day. The film's star Tippi Hedren got the worst end of it - Hitchcock tried to come onto her and she refused him. He blackballed her from the film industry as a result. While she has played a few roles since, none were close to top billing.
  • Scared the crap out of me. Maybe what you didn't like about it is that there was never any explanation why the birds attacked. It really didn't matter. Birds outnumber humans 50 to 1. And if you've ever seen a flock of birds perched on a phone line, you WILL hesitate. Bird beaks can do serious damage. When nature gets angry, (volcano eruption, hurricane, flood etc.), all you can do is get out the way. I loved that film BTW.
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      there was never any explanation why the birds attacked Yes You are right

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