• I don't know suppose it could be LOL
  • could be but i dont know
  • Probably. I had thought it was a football game between the world's two most hated teams.
    • Linda Joy
  • I've shed my insecurities to feel that need over a decade ago. Any more, I am just always, do no harm.
    • Linda Joy
      Check the category, sweetie. I haven't felt the need to punch anyone since I got divorced. Well, except for that one chick at the homeless shelter who made it her daily chore to push my buttons. I told my psychiatrist they'd better give me something or I was going to have to go to jail for slapping her! I learned from that experience I should never be sarcastic with a shrink! I don't remember what they gave me but the next time she tried to push my buttons all I could do was laugh at her! I'm glad I left all that behind as well. I no longer need a homeless shelter or the medication!
  • that made me laugh. thank you! LOL!
    • Linda Joy
      I'll be here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitresses! lol
  • No, that's a punching bag, not a punchbowl. lol😉

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