• Bacon is not a wise choice for someone in heart failure, but could be tempting for someone who is ready to die. Eggs are rumored to concentrate pollution like any animal product intended to support the life of an offspring for a time independent of any other source. And white bread and water used to be used as a punishment for prisoners to constipate them. The only plus in this meal is that eggs are said to reduce the occurrence of breast cancer. That said, I want my bacon extra crispy, my eggs over medium, my toast 12 grain, and add some sliced tomato WITH SALT, damnit! I miss food that TASTES GOOD!! haha. My breakfast usually starts slowly with a 32 oz hot drink combining cocoa, coffee and oat meal. I'm trying to cut out the coffee. And I know I should cut out the sugar and creamer, but I don't use a hot cocoa mix I just use cocoa. But I could use a sugar substitute and just use the oat milk as a creamer, or put some coconut oil its supposed to be good for you. Alternately I could and sometimes do just grab a sugar free energy drink and a piece of fruit and go.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)
  • I ate bacon, eggs and toast frequently as a child and when I was a young adult. However, I started to eat hot cereal for breakfast when I was in my 40's. I no longer eat bacon for breakfast, though I do eat eggs and toast on occasion.

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