• Covid didn't really create the level of emergency for which I was prepared. There are only so many different emergencies for which one can prepare, anyway. I find it much more useful to have good improvisational skills than to have a composting toilet and a locker full of canned beans hidden in your crawlspace, personally.
    • Linda Joy
      The important thing is did you have enough toilet paper?! haha And I fully agree that adaptability is the key to survival. And most of us were not prepared for a pandemic. It wouldn't be reasonable. Like having snow removal equipment here in the south. I live in the bottom level of an apartment, so I have to adapt and just hoard dry beans. haha But then its just me, I don't have 20 sister wives and hundreds of children to keep alive. Nor am I responsible for an entire community of dependents.
  • Yes, but it wasn't completely intentional. I do mask fittings at work and I take the expired ones home to use while cleaning. So I had an assortment of N95s. I also had lots of travel size hand sanitizers that I always used when going through airports. Food never became an issue since stores stayed open. But I would've been fine for at least 2 months. I almost ran out of TP but would've made do. And in general, I do keep an emergency backpack to run with if needed, which is something I learned growing up in tornado alley.
    • Linda Joy
      Made doo! haha. I usually keep a medicine bottle with peanuts in it. Wouldn't if I had kids around. I usually use bleach to sanitize and vinegar to clean my food. I was trained in emergency preparedness, but never really fully stocked up. I'd get extra mac and cheese and canned tuna for when fresh ran out, always had plenty of oats flour and sugar for me. I could have gone 3-6 mos without having to buy food, but I wouldn't have liked eating the same ole things over and over! haha stores stayed open here as well, but some days they were out of a lot of things. I did have extra covers and pillows for emergency guests! And a case of bottled water. I usually reserve that for guests. But now that I think about it I may need to check the date on that, too. I had no idea rubbing alcohol expires! duh! I think I'm going to get a hand cranked phone power supply and maybe a solar one for backup as well. Good answer, thank you!
  • I knew something would pop up.
    • Linda Joy
      So how do you prepare? Or do you?
  • No. No. I did already have hand sanitizer, and a cupboard full of bleach, and I did have dust masks as I use them for DIY and cleaning as I use bleach, so I used them initially with a panty liner over the air part, until the shops started selling the hospital ones. I now have a back up of some tinned food, rice, pasta, and some frozen food (even though none of this is of my normal diet, I eat fresh).
    • Linda Joy
      That's really good improvement! The only advice I have for you is to store what you eat and eat what you store. Otherwise it might get old. Eating only fresh makes that difficult. Maybe once a week you can eat 'not fresh' to keep your storage rotated and fresh... er. Nuts and seeds are fairly fresh and can be stored as well as peanut butter. Sprouting seeds can be stored yet are fresh when you sprout them! You've given me new things to think about!

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