• Superman. Only Kryptonite can hurt him.
  • YHVH and Yeshua
  • Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. two of THE strongest men I've never met!
    • Victorine
      If Donald Trump were strong, he wouldn't have spent the last umpteen months acting like a whiny baby and lying through his teeth. Genuinely strong men behave with dignity and honesty. Donnie's trouble is that he's always had people to bail him out of trouble, starting with his father. As a result, he never acquired strength. Strong men also don't suck the cocks of con men like Donald Trump. DeSantis, McCarthy, Graham, and their ilk are not demonstrating strength. They are demonstrating fear, which is quite misplaced, since Donnie is fading into insignificance.
  • My mother. She's dealt with a lot in her life, and though she's by no means perfect, I am often amazed by the way she's managed.
  • My hero is my pet dog because he has unconditional love and brings joy into my life. He brings joy into other people’s lives in the family. My dog is a pug and he’s adorable. He will always be my hero even when the time comes that he has passed on because he has a positive impact in my life.

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