• Neither. "MOUSE," in this context is an acronym for "manually operated user-select equipment." The generally accepted plural of "computer mouse" is "computer mouse devices" or any other such wording that avoids directly pluralizing the word "mouse."
  • The word "mice" is commonly used for rodents. Many dictionaries support "mouses," "googling," "yahooing" and etc with English evolving as a language. If you walk into an electronics store and are in need of assistance, you can ask a worker: "Where are your computer mouses?" And not, "Where are your computer mices?"
  • Thanks for your answers, together you have cleared it up for me at last!!
  • Last night my 15yo mouse died😕 I went on the Internet to the largest computer company in our town and looked up what they offered. There it was "COMPUTER MICE". Today I went in and bought a new Logitech mouse. On the box they state Logitech is "WORLD LEADER IN MICE"! Yeah well, what do I say? I actually feel that you both were right!

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