• My favourite is Honey Crisp.
  • Apple is not my favorite. My son likes the Fuji. I prefer whatever is cheapest. Do you grow your own? My parents had a large garden and I remember mom having seed catalogs. They grew mostly vegetables. The land was rented. I was never disciplined enough to have a good harvest even when I had land to work with. But I liked gardening when I was younger and more physically able.
    • bostjan64
      We have three apple trees on my property. The apples they grow are pretty tart. We also grow herbs (mostly basil), blackberries, rhubarb (also very tart), and usually some vegetables (although, this year, I was too busy to plant any). The animals have been very busy this year. I think due to people staying home, there has been less roadkill, so more wild animals running amok, so gardening has been more challenging than previous years.

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