• OCD? Depends on the book you're reading. Midnight Sun explains a lot of it. Your book may have been written by a mouse who just likes grain.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I think my book might have been written by the president of the international fan club of Count von Count from Sesame Street. It's sort of difficult for me to stay immersed in a story when the soulless undead monster that wants to feed on the blood of the protagonist is defeated by spilled rice. Also, why rice? Why not spill some sand? It's cheaper and there are more grains per unit volume. Wouldn't that keep the vampire busy longer at a reduced cost to the protagonist? What's the smallest thing that the vampire has to count? Could I just not vacuum that week and have the vampire have to stop and count all of the dust particles?!
    • Linda Joy
      See what happens when you try to apply logic to fiction! It can give you an entire day full of thinking and possibilities! Unfortunately I usually very quickly get distracted with another train of thought. Usually just as useless! haha. It often interferes with my enjoyment of a good movie when the logic doesn't make sense. But just when I get to thinking "But that defies the law of gravity!" I remember the road runner's reply "Sure, but I never studied law!" As Wile E. Coyote plummets to the ground in a cloud of dust to appear unaffected in the next scene. Some of the more shallow people don't realize cartoons are really a significant psychological analogy for life!! To some people its just a job, but Disney understood!!!
    • Linda Joy
      Besides, finances are seldom an issue in fantasy books. Maybe counting covid virus could stop them entirely! Covid saves the day in this fantasy!

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