• In Africa nearly all cars are manual, usually 5-speed with clutch, etc. It took me a while to get accustomed to an automatic, but I still want to go looking for the gears when the driving gets tough lol
  • Yes. But I don't know about truck driving or double clutching. I've driven some strange equipment but nothing over 5 speeds.
    • Qagidi
      Cars I had years back were crash (no synchromesh) into low gear. When towing a caravan up mountain passes on rugged dirt roads, if you got your double-declutch wrong (engine revs = gearbox speed) you were sunk and often the hill so steep pulling off a mission, IF you managed at all.
    • Linda Joy
      Even the aircraft tow tractors and Trump De-icers were automatic, if I remember correctly. The weapons loaders were standard, I think. That was a lifetime ago! I haven't driven anything but a grocery cart and my walker for 20 years now!! Its a great cover (wink-wink) Crap! I've morphed from Linda the sailor woman to Tweetie's granny! (SMH! I can't help but laugh at how age has changed me!)
  • Yes, I drive a manual transmission car (stick-shift) but have driven automatics & paddle-shift cars. In the UK there's two levels of driving test. If you take your test in a manual you can drive an auto as well, if you take it in an auto you can only drive an auto. The proportion of people taking tests in automatics is increasing, possibly because most electric cars don't have manual gearboxes.
  • Sure, I learned to drive a long time ago using a "3 on the tree" 3 speed tranny with the shifting lever on the steering column. I drove many "4 on the floor" and 5 and 6 speed trannys with shifting lever on the floor. I even drove an old Datsun PU with a 4 speed on the tree.
  • Yes, I drive a manual.
  • Been driving manual transmissions since the 1940s 😄
  • Yes, though it's been a few years. I'm probably pretty rusty.
  • It's not important anymore. Yes I knew it. Last time I drove manual was in 2006. I don't see why manuals are even relevant anymore. Automatics now have more gears -- 8 speed to 10 speed. And they have better fuel economy now. In many cases acceleration is faster in automatics too. In a country like US, manual has no use anymore.

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