• No, no, no!
  • *A* - Don't know if that's real. *B* - Definitely wouldn't buy it. *C* - If someone gave it to me, *and* I had assurance that it was safe (from an unbiased engineer and architect and so on), then I would have no problem living in it. It would probably be safer, for example, than most of the homes on the West Coast (see: earthquakes, tsunamis), and most of the homes on the Southeast Coast (see: hurricanes).
  • That image is scary! I wouldn't live there but I'd love to spend a day or two there. :) I'd be worried about dropping something and hitting someones head and severely injuring them.😓
  • I wouldn't live in any houses built on cliffs or up in canyons. I used to live in southern California. Mudslides during rainy seasons could destroy homes. I'm not even certain insurance companies would agree to insure them.

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