• I do not. I have taken metformin and liraglutide until I found out it caused thyroid cancer in mice. Then I quit it. I can't take metformin either, it gives me explosive diarrhea. I'm not on any diabetes meds right now and my last A1C was 6 so we're going with a low carb diet for now. How is this working for you and why do you want to change the time you take it?
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      Thanks for answer , Yes well my A1C are 9.9 cause I need to diet better so the doctor go me taking 64 units of Lantus in the morning and 64 units in the supper time but I just wondered if I could take the 64 units at 9:00 p.m. instead of supper time I also take Janumet 50/1000 twice a day too.
    • Linda Joy
      Usually when I take meds twice a day they like for me to take them evenly apart. I usually take meds at 7 am and pm. But diabetes meds may need to coincide with meals. The type you take is long acting and supposed to deliver a steady dose of medicine throughout the day. How did they tell you to take it? Why do you need to change it? Good luck with that.
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      They tell me to take it with my supper meal but I was just wondering I also take a fast acting insulin Lispro ( Humalog) But I think I need to invest in a diet that will help me to lose weight and bring my sugars down.. That is good your A1C is 6 ..I wish mine was a 6

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