• What's so offensive that you need to get a governmental agency involved?
    • Linda Joy
      What difference does it make to you? I didn't say a governmental agency. They don't do anything but fight amongst themselves and push agendas! And I was asking for future consideration, and to bring attention to an issue that has since been fixed. If you don't find anything offensive that's fine. But what is your reason for challenging the fact that I do? At least I'm willing to do something about it if it bothers me enough. I don't just sit here whining, complaining and giving lip service!
    • Archie Bunker
      WTF are you talking about? I asked you a question and made no mention of challenging anything nor complaining. That's exactly what you're doing.
    • Linda Joy
      You challenged me finding something offensive enough to report. And you're complaining about me wanting to report it. And no, I wasn't complaining. I asked a question that you still haven't answered. All you did was complain about me asking it.

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