• The closest I've come is Admin Dan. He posted on Azlotto's spam question a year or two ago. But they remove questions and comments sometimes if you flag them. It can take a day or two. When I want to draw their attention to something I post a question in the Answerbag staff category, just like this one. They don't answer but they usually address the issue. Good luck!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      This one doesn't really fit into any of those buckets. Someone appeared to have somehow inadvertently posted something they did not mean to (at least, I believe it is safe to assume this is the case, based on the context) that could possibly expose them to some danger. I was hoping someone would edit their text to remove that little bit. I didn't want to direct public attention to it, but no one from the site staff has bothered to respond, so, I guess, whatever. I'll just hope for the best. Thanks Linda.
    • Linda Joy
  • We can't.

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