• That's not a question. Its a statement with a ? at the end. Evidently Answerbag needs a tutorial on what a question is because I've been seeing a lot of this lately. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?
  • Yes, she did. And that's not all I heard she gives away to the guys in the neighbourhood, either, if you know what I mean, because I also heard she gave away Madden '98 and a copy of Asteroids for Atari 2600. Just kidding. You probably don't know what those are anyway. In all seriousness, though, maybe you should try to talk to her and ask her why she did this. She is probably trying to change your behaviour for some reason. Maybe if you can reassure her that your gaming habits will not be a detriment to your future successes in life, you could prevent this sort of thing from happening again.
    • Josepsh
      I’m 18 ?. .
    • Linda Joy
      Who paid for it?
    • bostjan64
      Whether you are 8 or 18 or 48 or 98, I'd give the same advice.
    • Linda Joy
      Was it in HER house?
    • Josepsh
      Who paid for it? She did ?. .

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