• Boxes are storage devices, aren't they? I've got all sorts of boxes filled with things that weren't originally in them.
    • Linda Joy
      Technically that qualifies, but its not very inventive. I'd give you a C for that one. Unless they are symmetrical, attached to each other and painted to look like a cubby storage system. Then I'd give you a B-.
    • Nosmo King
      Why are you such a fussy so-and-so?
    • Linda Joy
      You miskeyed funny.
  • I store extra towels in a hamper
  • I have a plastic shoe box from the dollar store full of pens, pencils, magic markers, white-out, tape, erasers, etc. Chore going through it, but beats walking around trying to find something. I have 3-ring binder plastic holders for baseball cards, postcards, etc., for debit cards, passport, rent receipts, money order stubs, address labels, and so on.
  • If it isn't capable of multi-tasking then I'm not interested. Unless I can eat it.

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