• Use bags of rice/beans or maybe tape some books together.
  • I bought a treadmill at the thrift store because its often difficult for me to breathe outside, but I also have weights a big ball I love to roll back on to stretch by back out and elastic bands (that I don't really use). And I've used a couple of youtube exercise videos. But anyone can exercise with no equipment at all using only your body for resistance.
  • As controversial as it is on this site, I recommend yoga or isometrics until you can get a good weight set.
  • What’s exercise? ‘I just move around a lot, or walk’ ..I’m not lazy in the least bit. Well, maybe a little, I get too tired to brush my teeth at night
  • There is a lot of good online lessons on YouTube to exercise without equipment.
  • The same way I did when they were open - I didn't waste time and money on such crap. You simply go for jog, beat up the odd homeless guy in the park, chase a few drunk youths down the street on the way back and hide from the cops. GTA 5 is better than any exercise a pissy gym could give you.
  • my gym is 24/7/365. it never closes
  • I've never gone to a gym, actually. I lift weights at home every other day and use pushup stands daily (100 reps). I jog either in my house or on the patio at night daily (7,000 to 10,000 paces depending on how tired I am). It's enough to stay fit.
  • I either use my stair stepper. Sometimes with stretching cords. Or I do chair exercise including Yoga.
  • I exercise in my den or bedroom. I might not have access to all the same machines; but, I improvise & get almost the same workout by the time I'm finished!!!
  • If the gym I go to is closed I would go for a walk in my local area

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