• I don't use a microwave, I use an old-fashioned oven.
  • You're confused (as always) as the main task of pricking a potato is to ensure even cooking - not to prevent exploding. There are over 200 varieties of potatoes, of those only a few have the sort of hard skin that would pop in a high power microwave if left for too long. Also, not every microwave is high powered enough to pop a potato.
  • I've seen many potatoes exploded in conventional ovens and microwaves both. I have worked in restaurants though, where we bake often over 100 potatoes an evening.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never baked potatoes professionally. I've never had an exploded potato yet, but have had a little blow out less than an inch.
  • Yes and yes. The "explosion" was just a little blow-out on the side.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, I've had those, too.
    • dalcocono
      I have seen potatoes blow up all over the oven too. They make a huge mess when that happens..
  • I've never experimented like that with them; I don't want to clean the mess up. I prick them every time since a child, for micronuking and baking.

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