• The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by a Bosnian Serb and the imbalance of power it caused. Land disputes and everyone grabbing for power. The Second World War was started by Germany in an unprovoked attack on Poland.
    • Thinker
      WWI catalyst that started the was the assassination of the Archduke but the reason was political taking the Russian Zhar out of leadership in Russia in order to bring in Lennon and communism into Russia. As for WWII the invasion of Poland was the catalyst to bring about and reestablish Israel as a nation. In both cases it was financed on ALL sides by the Rothschilds who made many billions of dollars on the financing of the wars. Hitler lost WWII because the Rothschilds cut off his money. He could no longer afford to continue and fled to South America.
    • Creamcrackered
      Spot Thinker, there was only two large families with all the wealth, the Rothchild's and the Rockerfellers.
    • mushroom
      Astor, Vanderbilt and DuPont were no slouches in the money department either.
  • Linda' s answer was perfect. But, from a different perspective, one might say that WWI started because Leo Lojka made a wrong turn on exactly the wrong street at exactly the wrong time. Let me explain: Lojka was Ferdinand's chauffeur. On the way to a public event, terrorists attempted to blow up Ferdinand's car, but accidentally blew up the wrong vehicle. Ferdinand gave his speech and instructed Lojka to drive him to the hospital where the victims of the bombing were being treated. At the same time, the bombers, on foot, had split up and were on their way to their homes within the city, including Gavrilo Princip. Lojka made a wrong turn on the way to the hospital and ended up on a narrow street just as Princip happened to be walking right there. As Lojka was attempting to turn the car around, Princip realized who was in the car, pulled his pistol, and fired twice into the car before he was restrained by the archduke's entourage. Since none of the terrorists knew of the plan to visit the hospital, Ferdinand would have survived that day if not for the driver's small mistake.
    • Linda Joy
      Or if he hadn't decided to visit the injured. Interesting story.
  • A pointless assassination that brought countries aligned by many treaties of mutual protection to have to automatically take sides.
  • WW1 was caused by the Soviets. After the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, an international conflict could have still been avoided if Austria-Hungary and Serbia were left alone to settle their differences. But the Soviet Union stepped in and backed Serbia. Germany then warned the Soviets to stay out of it. The Soviets refused, and Germany stepped in to protect Austria's interests. It was at this point that an international conflict was triggered - all because of the Soviets. As to WW2, Germany may have invaded Poland, but they were provoked into doing so. There are many documented newspaper headlines that prove Hitler tried to avoid war. It was Britain that wanted war, and they suckered Poland into provoking an attack by Hitler to justify declaring war on Germany. "People will provoke you until they bring out your ugly side, then play the victim when you go there."

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