• My refrigerator. I can be eating an apple or grapes almost as soon as I open the door! Of course I wash them and spray with a vinegar dilution before putting them in there. My son brought me Olive Garden the other day. It was good, but I'm guessing it was way overpriced.
    • bostjan64
      I worked at the Olive Garden ages ago. The kitchen where I worked was very clean, but most of the food was prepackaged from places like GFS. A few dishes were made to order, but the pasta dishes were almost all just open-a-package-and-heat. $15 for a $4 quick box meal, basically.
    • Linda Joy
      Even cheaper if you fix it at home.
  • Whataburger and Mr. Gaddy's although both are closed now except for carry out. My desires for each are driving me nuttser!
  • Anywhere except McDonald's.
    • mugwort
      That's my opinion too.
  • Burger King. Their Whoppers are a huge hit.

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