• I also use sarcasm on the internet. It usually doesn't go too well, though.
  • Well if they do that the next step is to separate idiots from the internet where they can do more harm than anyone with CV 19!! Dude! People get sick, you don't lock them down! Even people with TB aren't locked down! They are put in isolation. "Nearly one-third of the world’s population have latent TB, carrying the bacteria while not showing symptoms, while nearly 10 million a year fall ill – of which 15% die. "
    • Linda Joy
      And I've never seen Trump in a military uniform! Just because he commands them doesn't mean he's one of them. I seriously doubt that man could make it through one day of boot camp! There were people in boot camp that didn't make it more than one day! I've seen ambulances called in to carry people off the grinder! And those CC's didn't even blink and eye, much less stop the exercise count.
  • Why would Trump put on a military uniform?
  • Don't be daft. There is no way to separate suspected with asymptomatic cases. Trump has a terrible record for separating and mistreating immigrant kids as it is.

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