• Wisdom is how smart a person thinks another person is - totally subjective. IQ is how smart the person proctoring the IQ test thinks another person is - totally subjective.
    • No Chance Without Jesus
      IQ is the ability to process knowledge Wisdom is the ability to know how to use or apply knowledge But when you think you know it all, then you don't look for wisdom
  • IQ is knowing that Italian dressing goes on a salad. Wisdom is knowing not to put it on a fruit salad.
  • IQ is just a test score. Wisdom is understanding that.
  • IQ is a test score. They can indicate a person's capacity to learn. Wisdom comes from experience, practical learning and applying what you learn, imho. I also believe wisdom comes from God. Or maybe from the process of trying to do what you believe is right. But I have heard very wise things come from the mouths of those with low IQ's. I'm not sure how much of it they actually understood, but I've learned from them in the process of listening.
    • Cry me a River
      Hmm, what does all that have to do with the Bible though.? The books of wisdom...
    • Cry me a River
      Job has alot of wisdom. and Solomon wrote about wisdom, the wisest man that ever lived..
    • Cry me a River
      I don't know, IQ is how well you balance what you know with the Word of God, which is the instructions of wisdom. Without the Bible you are sliding down a roof on a burning sled!!
    • Linda Joy
      I'd rather not engage in contention. It is a tool of satan. Besides the fact your question did not even mention The Bible, nor is it in the Christian Bible category. Please click the yellow flag and flag your duplicate posts so the staff will clean them up? Thank you!
  • Wisdom is how well one applies their knowledge, it is the opposite of foolishness and stupidity.
  • Because not all smart people are good let alone wise. Most of the people you would call genius are very much in one small field only. Wisdom applies to all of life. Would you want Einstein to perfom heart surgery on you? Then why would you think that lsome hihg IQ person could help you with your life. Einsteincertainly had a bad family life. Divorce...wife and son becoming Catholics
  • I think if a person has a high IQ they have the ability to know many things. I think wisdom comes from understanding logic, reasoning, and recognizing fallacious vs sound arguments. I also think you are born with your specific IQ but can attain higher wisdom than a person with a higher IQ than yourself.
  • Because you can have all the intelligence in the world, and not an ounce of common sense. Intelligence is in the learning and repeating, wisdom is in the living and the learning.
  • Wisdom is the ability to put knowledge to work, or to use it, the intelligent application of learning. A person might have considerable knowledge but not know how to use it because of lacking wisdom. Jesus linked wisdom with accomplishment in saying: “Wisdom is proved righteous by its works.” Matt 11:19 Solomon asked for and received from God not just knowledge but also wisdom. Wisdom is the prime thing, for without it knowledge is of little value. Practical wisdom differs from knowledge and understanding. A person who has knowledge accumulates information, or facts. Someone who has understanding can see how one fact relates to another. A person who has wisdom is able to combine knowledge with understanding and put them to work in a practical way.
  • Wisdom is knowledge, experience, and good judgement. IQ is just how quickly you figure things out and an aptitude for pattern recognition. The two aren't the same, which is why some smart people often still make dumb decisions. And many dumb people are capable of staying out of trouble.
  • Intelligence quotient comes from man it comes from books. Wisdom comes from God if any man lacks wisdom let him ask God and he will grant it liberally. If you're mind has not received the programming from God you can have all the knowledge of the entire world stuffed inside your brain and it doesn't mean a thing.
  • IQ represents, merely, your POTENTIAL for wisdom, not whether you will actually acquire it. And there are differing understandings of what "wisdom" actually is. It is not necessarily intelligence as conventionally understood.

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