• Obsessed? Sounds like someone needs some professional help. We don't like clingy girls or ones with mental issues.
  • No matter which way, there has to be a balance. Both should feel comfortable doing things together, not clingy or demanding.
  • No. When a gal has fiery eyes for social justice, you've got my attention.
    • Linda Joy
      Social justice? Like no one wins a trophy for being first because EVERYONE doesn't get one? Or like no one should be valedictorian because EVERYONE can't be valedictorian? Or what about this: There should be no "Special Olympics" because EVERYONE IS SPECIAL!! And lets make sure EVERYONE gets medication for everything whether they need it or not just because everyone should have that right!! Justice is getting what you deserve even if that includes punishment for crime. And should everyone get paid the same even if they don't work, or can't add, or they went to school for 20 years to develop a specialty? Different work has different value. And if you give people things they don't have to work for you have immediately reduced its value, AND THE GRATIFICATION PEOPLE GET FROM EARNING WHAT THEY HAVE and understanding its value. Do you give your work away or do you believe it has value and should be paid for?
  • I wouldn't call it a female thing either. Obsession is not a good thing! "preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent." I don't think guys or girls like it. And I doubt a grown person, male or female would tolerate it. Once it reaches obsession its time for a restraining order!!
  • The attention is great unless it goes too far.

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