• Elect the democrats. They want everyone to go to school for free. (well, we all know it's not actually going to be free, don't we.)
  • 1. Change your name. 2. Steal underpants. 3. ???? 4. Profit.
  • I believe it is usually recommended that when one begins to work full time that they maintain an extremely frugal lifestyle and put as much money as possible into becoming debt free. Check out Dave Ramsey's books and/or his radio programs if they are available in your area. I don't buy into all his religious stuff but his financial advice is excellent.
  • Like Archie said, with someone else's money! The best option is to work your way through college and not take out a loan. But if its already done then like Joe said live frugally. In fact, you should do that anyway. Don't buy anything that is not necessary for your survival. If you cut out sodas, sugar, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, entertainment and eating out you'd be surprised how much more you have left. Of course nowadays most kids have the added luxury of living off/with their parents, but if that's not you, set your thermostat at 60 and wear more clothes. Cut your own hair, do your own nails, cook your own food, sew your own clothes, maintain your own vehicle, pack a lunch, carpool, take the bus. Better yet bike or walk and you won't need a gym membership, use free wifi, and the computers at the library. Do what it takes. Operate on a cash only system. And all those personal products, paper products and cleaning products are unnecessary. All you NEED is soap and water. You can look up online how to make your own soap even. But there are also recipes for all kinds of cleaning supplies and cosmetics online, as well as recipes so you can learn to cook. Again, don't buy anything that's not necessary for your survival. Dave Ramsay and Suze Orman are both good. They can tell you how to be rich. I can tell you how to live on nothing, I've been doing it all my life. The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is also good. And if you have kids there is another entire list! That reminds me of Amy Dacyczyn who wrote the tightwad gazette. That was a good one, too!
    • bostjan64
      Well, college is about ten times as expensive as it was when I went, so I think student loans are just a thing everyone will have to deal with, unless they are filthy rich and don't need college anyway... But yeah, the budget advice is the best advice universally for any financial problem. If you make $750/week, and you plan to spend $500/week on expenses, you can save $250/week for emergencies or repayment of loans or whatever. My grandparents had tons of money, just because they budgeted everything and cut every expense they could, to the point where they *were* making their own soap, building their own appliances out of junk other people were throwing away, etc. It's amazing how much money a person (or couple) can accumulate with a modest income and no expenses.
    • Linda Joy
      Well, I'm not filthy rich, but I did get a Presidential scholarship after paying for my first quarter and I had a pittance from VEAP that covered my gas and books so I managed to get an associates from a tech college, but most of my time was spent working, trying to feed my child as a single parent. And I f you only get $750 a MONTH disability to live on you learn the difference between need and want. But at least I'm poor enough now to qualify for educational assistance. So its possible to go to school on a grant if you're poor enough! And Thrift stores and yard sales have saved my life! lol The older generation - our parents and grandparents lived through the depression. They didn't have uncle sam holding their hands and supporting them from the cradle to the grave. They knew what it was like to be hungry! They didn't have the sense of entitlement kids today do. Mom took my phone away? Please! We were lucky to have a phone in the house at all! I remember getting emergency messages from the police coming to the door because we had no phone and thought we were lucky when we had one phone in the house for all 8 of us to share!! I wore clothes all 6 of my older sisters had worn! And clothes my mother made! I've never made my own soap. But I have made my own laundry detergent. Fortunately I've been blessed to help and be helped by a lot of people who really do care about others. And what good does it do to go through all that if you can't use what you've learned to help others through the same thing?
    • mushroom
      In 1970, it took about 15 weeks of minimum wage employment to save enough for 1 year of college tuition. Today, it takes all year. Doesn't leave much time for classes, does it?

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