• depends on if i have to clinnb thenn or not
  • That is an odd question. I love being in the mountains as long as the road isn't a one lane dirt road subject to rock falls.
  • Neither. But being dangled off one or even very close to the edge without safety equipment would make me feel unsafe, while being snuggled up in a mountain cabin would feel very safe to me... unless, of course, I started feeling the earth move or something. But mountains in general have no effect.
  • Not at all. I've spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains and I find it peaceful and invigorating. 11.19.2018
  • It depends on whether I'm up high or not, and where the opposing army is. There is no place safer than atop a steep mountain when the opposing army is in the valley below, unless they have dragons, of course, because that's a real game changer, as we all know.
  • From my experience, both physically and mentally: mountains don't intimidate me. They make me feel safe, because of my confidence.
  • I am a member of a mountain tribe from the Sierra Nevada's. I've spent my entire life in the mountains. I always feel safe and comfortable in a mountain environment.
  • No...except when we have things like "look out for falling rocks" signs and "danger avalanche area" signs. That is: only in those particular spots and/or particular times.
  • Safe. Always take the "high ground". Semper Fi
  • safe from a distance. they're pretty. hiking in them--HELL NO!!
  • Definitely unsafe. My childhood home was built at the base of a mountain. Heavy rain caused chunks of the mountain to fall on the roof of our home. My family moved out of that home soon.
  • Safe. In the military, you always take the high ground when possible.

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