• Are you playing with yourself again? lol Some things are better in a group. Doing the wave alone is far less fun. And volleyball. Keep away, social games where you get gifts from friends and neighbors. But other things are better done alone. I don't want anyone else to paint on my canvas. I wouldn't mind painting beside them though. Help me out. What things are better done alone?
    • Iron Mask
      You've got a point. I tried and couldn't think of anything where being completely alone was an advantage. The point of the question was that sometimes there can be too many others. Two or three is company but who wants to feel uncomfortable or unsafe around a crowd? Some things are best shared by just two.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't feel uncomfortable or unsafe around crowds. Oh I know! Something my son and grandson taught me! You don't have to wait your turn or share your toys if you're alone!
  • i think so
  • Being an introvert myself, I would say for me, no. Extroverts may answer differently of course.
  • I don't mind playing with myself but it's more fun with another person. *wink

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