• You need a new thesaurus mate. In the UK, the present government is called the Conservative party. They are very much like the Republican party in the US. They have traditional, reformative, right-wing values. They would hardly have called themselves that if such negative connotations were attached to the word.
    • Archie Bunker
      It's not "themselves" who are setting these kinds of definitions. That would be the editors of these "books." Even look up left and right wing politics in Wikipedia. You'll see Nazis and fascists used on one and civil rights and equality used on the other. Can you guess which one? The funny thing about that is, if you look at where fascists, Nazis and communists are, they are actually on the far left. The left side has a large government, the right a small government. The farthest right is anarchy, no government. The farthest left has a monarchy, total government. Fascists and communists want more government. Conservatives want less. So in actuality, the liberals who want more government control are actually closer to the ideology of the communists and fascists than the conservatives are, who they accuse of being fascists. Like I said, comical.

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