• You can use switch or router devices to connect a computer to a network...
  • The device I use is called my smartphone which I tether to my PC with an app called PdaNet. 11.22.2018
  • a router
  • A donut.
  • A router. But if this is homework, you should be reading it from your assignment or using a homework site. Sometimes people will give you wrong answers on sites like these just to teach you not to cheat on your homework.
  • A network interface card (NIC) connects to the computer bus either in a slot on the motherboard, built-in to the motherboard or via USB. For an ethernet network, the NIC will have an RJ-45 jack to connect to the network. For a wireless (WIFI) network, the NIC will have a built-in WIFI radio to connect to the wireless network.

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