• Bass guitar: perfect pitch for my head, of course when played good!
  • Flute because for me it works like meditation, i close my eye's, just concentrate on flute and on my mind. for my its not only instrument it is a tool for mind relaxation. Thankyou.
  • ive never played one but i like listening to it
  • The human voice, as we become the instrument as we sing.
  • The saxophone is sexy.
  • My phone. I can play anything on it, take it almost anywhere, and it fits in my pocket! lol. Actually I wanted a flute till I got one and then I wished I'd gotten a clarinet. The saxophone is sexy, and the harmonica has its advantages as well. But few instruments now days are considered true works of art like a stradivarius or beautiful pieces of furniture like a baby grand. I don't think I could choose just one, so I'll stick with the phone.
    • Roaring
      You have to look up and listen to "Eh Cumpari" After reading your answer thought of this old Italian song.
  • Drums, because drums are cool.

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