• You're not allergic are you? Diabetic? What are your concerns about eating rice? Over a billion Chinese people seem to like it! And generally speaking they're a fairly healthy lot.
    • M.A. Zahid
      Thanks. But i am concern about some people think it increases sugar in body. Is ut true
    • Linda Joy
      All carbs are broken down into more simple sugars before the body can digest them, but if you eat them as part of a balanced meal containing protein and fiber this will slow the metabolic process and therefore not cause a spike in blood sugar. Fruit is much more likely to cause a spike in blood sugar. But if you're not diabetic it shouldn't cause any problems. It is equivalent to eating pasta, bread, potatoes or corn. All are complex carbohydrates.
  • if you want to
  • Sure, be sure it's Arborio (Italian rice) brought by Marco Polo (ours is the best)
    • Linda Joy
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Yup he brought back Rice, Silk, fireworks etc
  • No, eat french fries.
  • Rice is high on the GI, even brown rice, but if you don't have diabetes and are not otherwise worried about your diet, I guess it doesn't matter.

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