• When roses are red, They're ready for plucking! When girls are sixteen, They're ready for f.... That's good?
    • TBO
      good for grade school and for learning form.
  • Peaceful Rain Tiny droplets on the window shine like diamonds in the light in the background extending forever is the tranquillity of night Tiny streams of peaceful rain find their way down the glass meeting in a river at the bottom and flow on down to the grass Cradled in flower petals overflowing running down the stem then seeping down deep in the ground giving a drink to each of them.
    • TBO
      pretty good and calming.
  • ive never written poetry
    • TBO
      you need to try to expand your greatness.
  • The Statue of Liberty was a friendly gift from France. They thought that we were right and gave us courage to advance. In her left hand is a tablet on her feet a broken chain we are no longer owned by England and we won't be owned again! I'm pretty sure there was another verse or two that I don't remember about having a torch in her right hand and holding it above her head. I wrote it in 9th grade.
    • TBO
      its passable.
  • A loud fierce banging noise awakens me I fear the walls are crashing down: surely Nibiru is in sight Grab all that I treasure Oh where is the cat He'll surely perish as Nibiru approaches my flat Peering out of the window I see a man in a hard hat' "Good Morning Mrs Smith. Pointing he tells me, "I'm demolishing that"
    • TBO

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