• not that i know of
  • no, they aren't
  • No. There are three classes of amnioites (vertebrate animals who use amneotic fluid to develop their progeny): reptiles, birds, and mammals. Ancient reptiles were divided into several sub-classes, which included anapsids, diapsids, and synapsids. The anapsids developed into some of the modern reptiles, the diapsids into other modern reptiles and modern birds, and the synapsids into mammals. Modern birds have beaks and feathers with hollow bones and are warm blooded. Modern reptiles have teeth and solid bones and are cold blooded.
  • No, but they are closer to Dinosaurs
  • birds are reptiles
  • Yes, and no.
  • Birds have been reclassified recently - as dinosaurs! - but NOT as reptiles (because birds have characteristics - mainly: feathers - that reptiles do not). Note that the thought that all dinosaurs were reptiles has also changed, and so dinosaurs (or: at least one major group of dinosaurs) is no longer classified as reptiles.

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