• To make absolutely sure that it will be the last book of a long long series.
  • Because J.K. Rowling wanted a break. She probably got tired of writing about Harry Potter all the time and wanted to explore a different venue.
  • does he? have you read it?
  • Oh my god, if that is true then you've just spoilt the book for an awful lot of people!
  • Because I paid her to write him off.
  • does harry potter die at the end of the book
  • He Dosn't Die! Well, He dies then comes back to life...
  • He does, then he comes back to life.
  • Because he needs to die so the bit of Voldemort's soul in him (the Horcrux) can be destroyed. However, the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself allowed him to return to life, and defeat the Dark Lord once and for all.
  • Oh did he?
  • cause it was the last book i think ?!?!?!?
  • Spoiler alert Harry doesn't die in the book. I hate spoiling it for people, but so much wrong things going around. Anyway, Harry finds out that, unbeknownst to Voldemort, he has a bit of Voldemorts soul in him, a seventh Horcrux, and the only way Voldemort can die is if that bit of soul is destroyed too. He therefore goes to Voldemort, expecting to die, and does not fight, therefore does not lose, and he attempts to give his life to save his friends. But instead of dying himself, when Voldemort uses the killing Curse on Harry, it killed the bit of Voldemort in him instead. Harry just pretended to be dead for a while, but never actually died. And Voldemort repeated the mistake he made with Lily Potter. Harry's intended sacrafice had affected Voldemort so that none of his spells would hurt much, hehe. Basically then he could have been overcome pretty easily, lol. As opposed to Lily protecting Harry though, the magic Harry's love created attatched to Voldemort himself. In the end, then, Harry didn't beat Voldemort, the Dark Lord beat himself. A very clever ending.
  • Harry dies because he has part of voldemort living inside him, so harry is a horcrux in a way. All horcruxes need to be destroyed to save voldemort. So harry has to die if voldemort can die. However harry is brought back because the part of voldemort died, not him, so technically harry shouldn't be able to talk to snakes any more, considering the part of him that was a parsel mouth is now dead.

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