• We are all on our own road of life. Sometimes people take off on a side road called the path and life's different on the path and they can't take you with them on that path. He'll finish the path and get back on the road with you eventually just be patient he's a learning life right now on his path
  • Whatever the reason its NOT YOUR FAULT! And even learning the answer probably won't make it any better besides the fact you may never know. He might not even know. And it might not even be his fault. My mother was mentally damaged when she was hit by a car at 12. Its not her fault her brain was damaged and caused her to act in a way that was not normal. Your father might have just been selfish, or he may have been mentally damaged in a way no one can see. But worrying over it is a waste of your time and energy. You need to focus on your own recovery. My father left when I was 2. He claims my mother put a restraining order on him, but only told me this after she was dead and I was in my 30's. I'm smart enough to know it wouldn't have kept him away THAT long! But whatever. Anyway if you'd like to talk about it I'm willing to talk with you about it privately if you wish. My email is in my profile. But most importantly focus on doing what it takes to bring you happiness and success. Don't waste your energy on things you have no control over. Leave the past in the past and don't let it take away your PRESENT. The gift that is today!!

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